Create your business from the inside out.

The Firefly Method offers modern and holistic education to wedding planners who are ready for more than just a successful career.

If you’re ready to step into your power and start making the living you know you deserve without burning the candle at both ends you’ve come to the right place.

If you believe in drive over hustle and deep breaths over chaos you’ve come to the right place.

Our courses, educational resources, and community offer genuine guidance with an emphasis on strengthening your intuition, implementing systems + strategies, prioritizing self-care, cultivating a growth mindset, and stepping into leadership. Our goal is to help you build a business with a strong foundation and an intentional core.


We are here to guide you into your own confidence and our global TFM community of thousands of planners is ready to welcome you with open arms!

We believe that every wedding planner deserves a sustainable, fulfilling, and profitable business and the mentorship and guidance to get them there.

Create your business from the inside out.

We know that you started your company because there is something about wedding planning that sparks a fire in you.

Maybe it’s the deep level of organization that is required or the creativity that you get to explore. Maybe it’s world travel, the flexible schedule or the interpersonal aspect of working with couples and their families to realize the most amazing day of their lives. Or maybe it’s all of the above!

Regardless of why you’re drawn to wedding planning we know that it just feels right and that’s what matters!

We also know that you probably didn’t go to business school and that running your own company can feel overwhelming….


+ Where do I start?
+ How do I get in front of the “right” clients?
+ Who are the right clients for me??
+ How do I make more money (or any money at all!)?
+ What are the most effective marketing strategies?
+ How do I ensure that my clients are having an exceptional planning experience?

+ How do I get my work published or create work that’s worth publishing in the first place?
+ How do I hire an assistant or associate planner(s)?
+ How do I scale my business?
+ How do I handle all the finances and what can I write off come tax season?
+ When do I get to sleep???

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Friend we've been there!

We’ve been planning weddings with our company Firefly Events for over a decade and we’ve been through the highs, lows, and bumps in between. We went from charging $0 and working out of a studio apartment to having offices in three states, planning seven figure luxury weddings all over the world, employing a team of 10, being named top planners by Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Martha Stewart, Brides Magazine, BizBash, and The Knot, and charging $100,000+ for each wedding we plan

Sounds fancy right?

+ We’ll be the first to tell you that growing our company has been a heavy lift!

+ Yes, it has been beautiful and exciting and wonderful but it has also been hard…

+ There have been many sleepless nights (read: months/years!)

+ There have been many tears and lessons learned


+ We’ll be the first to tell you that growing our company has been a heavy lift!
+ Yes, it has been beautiful and exciting and wonderful but it has also been hard…
+ There have been many sleepless nights (read: months/years!)
+ There have been many tears and lessons learned

Whether you’re new to the industry, or you’re a planner who is ready to level up your existing business, we’ve got your back!

Our educational tools and strategies will become the backbone of your business. They will leave you feeling confident and empowered while simultaneously shaving hours off of your work day. It’s time to dream big, find those ideal clients (they’re out there!), make more money, and start feeling some of that elusive work/life balance you so deserve.



Success Stories

Valentina | V Party And Event

This course and the zoom calls really exceeded my expectations! I learned a lot and I have to say that showing us how you keep organized with templates was one of the best thing I took from the course... I am SO happy I bought the course and I would do it again without hesitation 100%.

Tolulope | Bridal Relief, LLC

I loved every single thing about this course! The back end organization is amazing and the way you walked us through the entire planning and wedding process was so helpful. I truly feel like I can conquer any wedding, big or small, with what I've learned.

Michelle | Olivia Grace Events

This course was so amazing. I feel so blessed to have this available to me as I try to grow my business and become a better planner. I have signed up for other master classes and taken other courses and NONE are as good as this. Your honesty and willingness to share is like no other. I really appreciate you both and can't wait to put all this information into action. Thank you for taking the time to put this course together and just for being two really genuine and awesome human beings!

Jane | Veil And Vinyls

I think it's amazing that Teissia and Alia have created a program that is is so streamlined and thoughtful regarding all aspects of the wedding planning business. The backend organization modules are rock solid. I was aware of the systems I needed to create, but wasn't sure where to start, and all the database templates are certainly a godsend. Same with the proposal, agreement and timeline templates. I had versions of all of them, but these are so much more detailed and give me a really good base from which to build.