From overworked and underpaid wedding planners to world-renowned entrepreneurial power houses and educators.

Hi! We’re Teissia (the brunette) and Alia (the blonde), but you can call us T+A.

We’ve been planning weddings all over the world with our company Firefly Events for over a decade. We’ve been named top planners by Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Martha Stewart, Brides Magazine, BizBash, and The Knot and our weddings have been featured in over 30 publications.

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We drop these creds not to brag but to assure you that you can trust us!

While it hasn’t always been easy, we’ve had extensive experience in the industry and through all the ups and downs we have created a modern and holistic approach to business development and planning that we know is successful. Now, instead of planning weddings, we educate thousands of planners and small business owners around the globe.

We believe in building a business from the inside out!


It means putting systems and processes in place to create a strong internal foundation for your business. A foundation that can support any amount of growth that you desire and any unforeseen changes that might come your way.

It also means learning to listen to that voice inside! NO MATTER WHAT!

You know how being a wedding planner just feels right to you? We believe that every business decision you make from here on out should also just feel right.

Yes, we teach you how to run the numbers and make business decisions from an educated place but we also empower you to start making business decisions from an intuitive place. It’s a skill we believe anyone can cultivate and we want to help you do just that!


The ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.

We used to make every single business decision based on facts and figures and what we thought we “should” do, even if it didn't feel right. Time and time again we noticed that those decisions were not moving the needle in our business. In fact many times those decisions were holding us back. You’ve probably been there! Those days, months, or years where everything feels hard and it seems like you just can’t win!

Once we began to trust our gut, even when it didn’t make sense on paper, and make decisions from a more intuitive place things began to click! We were able to grow our business in a more intentional way that ultimately enabled us to 10X our pricing, start working with the clients of our dreams, and eventually move into different markets and avenues altogether.

While we’re not full-blown, woo woo hippy people we do believe that cultivating the skill of listening to your intuition and trusting your gut is just as important as refining your business strategy and honing your planning process.

Alia (AH-lee-ah)

+ I grew up in Baltimore and have since lived in one big city or another, all of my adult life, including Chicago, New York, and L.A. I AM a city girl, through and through…but now I’m living in the country for the first time! Three years ago, my husband and I moved to a tiny house deep in Sonoma County, CA, with our 2 year old son. Definitely didn’t see that one coming! It’s been an “adventure” for sure, but I’m enjoying this season of fresh air and slower living. Oh, and we added another baby boy to the mix, just to keep things interesting.

+ Before becoming a wedding planner, I had my own theatre company and two long running vintage clothing companies, all in New York. Yup, I made Off-Off Broadway theatre and sold polyester dresses at flea markets in Brooklyn ;). The truth is, I’ve always loved telling stories in one way or another whether it’s through telling them, and I've found new ways of doing that throughout my life

+ I’m team “salt” all the way and would choose a bowl of French fries over ice cream any day of the week. In fact I like salty things so much that I basically want to eat brine and salt water- which is why you’ll find me eating raw oysters + drinking champagne to celebrate any occasion, especially birthdays.

+ One of the luckiest things I’ve ever done was marry another creative person who supports me in any and all of my endeavors, without a moment's hesitation. To top it off, he’ll make me a gin + tonic after a long day on my computer, and watch the kids after a long night on sight (wedding hangovers are soo real!).

Teissia (TAY-see-ah)

+ A lot of people assume I’m a city girl since I spent about 15 years living in Chicago, Los Angeles, and NYC but I’m actually super outdoorsy! I am really into downhill mountain biking (I do some crazy things that would probably make you gasp!) and also love snowboarding, wakeboarding, rock climbing, hiking, backpacking, camping, and pretty much anything that involved the outdoors, and preferably adrenalin.

+ I met Todd, my now husband, at the very first wedding I planned back in 2008. We didn’t date that whole time but we’ve since gotten back together and live a sweet life in Laguna Beach, CA.

+ My fave flowers are hellebores because of their beautiful muted tones and their unique and angular shape. + Both of my parents love a good crossword puzzle and I’m pretty sure that’s genetic…

+ I am not a great cook (sorry Todd!) but I make a killer cheeseboard. I also could live off of popcorn if that was an option! + I grew up in Santa Fe, NM which means I love spicy margaritas and have seen more beautiful sunsets than most! If you’ve never been to Santa Fe, do yourself a favor and add it to your list right now.