Lacy | Lacy Geary Events

Thank you so much for all the work and effort you have put into your courses. This has been the most valuable course I have ever invested in. I can't tell you how much I have spent over the years on business courses that are truly just fluff but yours has been the best yet! I'm not one for just blaring out compliments willy-nilly. What you are doing has truly been eye-opening. I couldn't be more grateful for all the work and effort you put into this course and everything else that you provided us. There are so many frauds out there and you guys are the real deal! It's been so great going through it all. I needed it more than I can say. I'm almost embarrassed at how I was running my business before. Thank you a million times over.

Stephanie | Union Event Co

This course is a #gamechanger! I have been coordinating weddings for the last 5 years and fully transitioned to a solopreneur 3 years ago, continuing my focus on event management. Since taking this course I opened myself up to full service planning and have 3 clients booked! I am head over heels in love with helping couples create a wedding that is authentically their own - and thanks to TFM, I was able to take the leap into planning and design within a few months.

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to continue with group coaching calls - Thanks to your time management (and client expectations) tips, you’ll find my kickboxing at a local martial arts studio on Tuesday mornings (it’s been on my bucket list for over 10 years!)... but I always tune in to the replay!

You ladies ROCK!!!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Veronica | Utterly Elegant Events

One of my best investments I've made in years! You really show us how to do all the things. It’s not just talk.

Michelle | Olivia Grace Events

This course was so amazing. I feel so blessed to have this available to me as I try to grow my business and become a better planner. I have signed up for other master classes and taken other courses and NONE are as good as this. Your honesty and willingness to share is like no other. I really appreciate you both and can't wait to put all this information into action. Thank you for taking the time to put this course together and just for being two really genuine and awesome human beings!

Valentina | V Party and Event

This course and the zoom calls really exceeded my expectations! I learned a lot and I have to say that showing us how you keep organized with templates was one of the best thing I took from the course... I am SO happy I bought the course and I would do it again without hesitation 100%.

Natasha | Sugar Willow Events

The course was so helpful and motivating. I honestly was surprised by how much information was contained, every time I finished a module I thought that was the end then there was more!!

Desirée | Verve Event Co.

I just completed the Firefly Method Wedding Planner's Handbook and I cannot say enough good things about it. Before I purchased the course, I kept re-writing my planning and process templates because I felt like they weren't enough. I questioned if the way I was doing things in my business was the best way and wondered what I might be missing. I wanted to learn from an expert that had been there, done that and could show me the best way in the least amount of time. I'm so glad I found Teissia and Alia! From the beginning, I knew I had made a good investment. The templates, tutorials, and advice that they provide in the course is incredibly beneficial and helpful. They are so thorough and in-depth and I was able to immediately implement them in my own business.

Teissia and Alia's experience and genuine desire to teach and mentor the new generation of planners is apparent in their teaching videos. I liked that I could move through the course at my own pace.

Michelle | Olivia Grace Events

Before starting the course I actually lost a wedding because they felt they were chasing me (it's really embarrassing admitting that)... thanks to that I realized I had to do something to get the control of my weddings back but I was not able to... And you guys helped me A LOT! When that happened I was managing 5 weddings, now I'm doing super good with 10! I feel I'm under control and all my couples feel the same. They are very happy and relaxed and I keep having very good feedback!

Another important one is the pricing! You helped me value myself more and I've been raising prices and I'll keep doing that until I'm satisfied. :) And so far so good! I keep booking!

I'm very new to publications, so this last module, was amazing too! And all the contacts!!

And I could continue... because it's been really amazing! I can't be more grateful!!



Sherry Scott | Ruby Collaborative

I love this course! I feel like this is the most honest, real world course out there. I have purchased lots of workshops, forms, templates, etc in hopes of finding the right fit and nothing hit the mark...until now! This was the best investment in my business so far!

Erica Goldsmith | Couture Events

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR COURSE!!!! I loved the one on one coaching phone call. You really helped me a lot AND I have been booking events at my increased rate (thank you). You are amazing and really helping elevate our event industry. Thank you!

Veronica | Unruffled

I loved all of it! I'm new to the business and this course was so incredibly beneficial. Every time I finished a module I could not wait to do the next. Thank you for sharing all of your templates and resources, they are already making everything so much easier and my confidence level is super high!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Rebecca | RMP Chicago Events

TFM Handbook has been incredible. The investment made sense after the free workshop and really gave me a sense of validation in the areas of strength in my business, while providing priceless resources and actionable insights into my weaknesses. I'm so grateful for the lifetime access to the Handbook, Facebook community and live calls. Thank you!

Tolulope | Bridal Relief, LLC

I loved every single thing about this course! The back end organization is amazing and the way you walked us through the entire planning and wedding process was so helpful. I truly feel like I can conquer any wedding, big or small, with what I've learned.

Jane | Veil And Vinyls

I think it's amazing that Teissia and Alia have created a program that is is so streamlined and thoughtful regarding all aspects of the wedding planning business. The backend organization modules are rock solid. I was aware of the systems I needed to create, but wasn't sure where to start, and all the database templates are certainly a godsend. Same with the proposal, agreement and timeline templates. I had versions of all of them, but these are so much more detailed and give me a really good base from which to build.

- Celia | Unions With Celia

When I first began exploring the wedding industry I quickly found Firefly Events and was immediately drawn to their flawless events, eye for personalization, and kindness. Even before the launch of The Firefly Method For Planners, I looked to Firefly Events as an example of a thriving, wholistic wedding planning company. You can imagine that when the Wedding Planners Handbook launched I jumped in with so much excitement, and the handbook did not disappoint. The modules are organized in a way that makes it so easy to learn. All the examples and templates provided have been incredibly helpful in teaching me better ways to think about planning, staying organized, and streamlining systems. Their approach to planning is so refreshingly-relationship centered. Using the Wedding Planners Handbook (in addition to the monthly group calls) has been critical for me and my business. This program offered me the guidance I needed to grow. It also offered me the affirmation that I am doing so many things well--which has built my confidence significantly. Since starting the program a couple of months ago, I see a marked shift in how I approach weddings, and I am now confidently booking more full-service packages and wedding days are running even smoother and with more peace-of-mind.

Sharmaine | I Heart The Details

I just wanted to quickly jump on to say THANK YOU. I have literally feared myself away from starting TFM for over a year and felt like I wasn't worthy enough (no clients, no money, no quality photos) to be apart of the group. But during this whole Quarantine Craziness (after having 1 or 2 emotional breakdowns about the state of our world), I decided to put on my big girl pants and focus on things that I could control that would make me a better entrepreneur.

Your course was the 1st to do on my list! ...This course is MAGICAL! It's everything I've been looking for and more. I see why you ladies charge the big bucks. I'm halfway through and I've also been catching up on the calls that I've missed (so grateful for your archives) and has been invaluable. I've finally set up all my backend folders + saved my templates (brilliant btw) + it's been awesome.

Through this course, you've also helped me to take advantage of my "lack of clientele" and use that to my advantage to really get all of my processes in place before I start. I was totally looking at things as the glass being half empty but it's half full. I have been able to really take a step back and realize what type of planner I want to be and who my target audience is. Up until this time, I shied away from the idea of being a wedding planner because i knew that super large extravagant weddings weren't my thing so I've simply marketed myself as a social event planner. But through this course, I'm realizing that I have a place in the wedding world as an intimate wedding planner. I planned my wedding (10 years ago) and I had 28 guests. AND it was featured in Brides print magazine. I never even made the connection until now!

 ...But I'm learning by the minute with your course now. Thanks again!